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Personal Training

Luna Fitness Club trainers are ready to give you high quality private instruction, and keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Meet Our Trainers

All of our trainers are certified professionals that have the necessary experience to work with you safely and effectively. They are motivated, energetic, friendly and are willing to work with you to accommodate any physical limitations and help push you for higher potentials.  

Olga Gomes

Olga Gomes is the founder and owner of Luna Fitness. Olga has been a fitness instructor for 15 years and is certified in Personal Training, Kickboxing, Zumba, Insanity, P90X, Spinning, Pilates, and Muscle Conditioning. After giving birth to 3 boys, and being a stay at home mom, Mrs. Gomes fought hard to lose 20 pounds and improve her overall fitness. She serves as an inspiration to the countless women who join her classes and boot camps. Contact Olga at to determine which personal training option is best for you!

Stanley Porter

Stanley Porter is a certified nutrition coach, bodybuilder, and author of The Weight is Over. After losing 25 pounds in order to lower his own cholesterol, Mr. Porter became a certified personal trainer, and has been helping clients get results for the past 7 years. He brings a wealth of experience from his previous career as a teacher in Boston Public Schools. A master at motivating people, his specialties include weight loss, stress management, bodybuilding, and nutrition. Contact Stanley at to determine which personal training option is best for you!

Quevin Gomes

Quevin Gomes is an athlete who played high school soccer, and football. He also ran track and studied ballet. His education journey was not easy, but he learned to use negative situations as driving forces to succeed in life. His approach to personal training is to make sure people enjoy their workouts. According to Quevin: “Fitness should not be stressful or boring. Let’s have fun and do what we have to do!” Contact Quevin at to determine which personal training option is best for you!.


Our personal trainers are able to determine the workouts and habits that will be most effective in helping you reach your fitness goals. Our one-on-one personal training provides high quality instruction and the accountability you need to become a healthier you. Small Group training for 2-4 people provides many of the same benefits while reducing the cost per individual.

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Small Group Training


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