New Year, new opportunities for our members and community. For the past two years, members have been asking, why not turn Lamberts Fitness Center into a coed gym? For a long time I resisted the idea. However, after many long conversations and consultations with many members who want to bring their sons, husbands, and male friends to the gym, I have decided to give it a try. Group classes will remain women only and nothing will change on that end. The main changes will occur on the gym floor for machines, weights and spinning classes. Our goal and philosophy is the happiness, convenience and safety of our members. We will continue to add services to make Lamberts Fitness Center to make it a safer and stronger community.

Meet the owners

Joao and Olga grew up in Boston and attended Madison Park High School. Joao attended University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Olga attended Pine Manor College. Both worked in the business world for over ten years. After the birth of their second child, Olga decided to stay home and pursue a new career in fitness and health to motivate and educate people about the benefits of exercising. Before she became the owner of Lamberts Fitness Center, Olga taught classes in various local fitness centers and ran boot camps at various corporations. She is certified in Kickboxing, Zumba, Pilates, Spinning and many others.

After a life-changing event with the sudden death of Joao’s eighteen-year-old niece, Joao decided to change his career to education where he can make a difference by empowering, educating and challenging urban youth to pursue education as a way to better themselves. Joao and Olga are passionate about helping people achieve their goals weather it is education or physical fitness. They are both active and passionate about raising funds to support cancer research and education. They have embraced education and cancer as a cause to support because it has directly impacted their lives. They are the founders of First Generation College & Career Mentoring program which mentors and provides scholarship and school supplies for urban youths attending college. Join our effort by donating funds and time to support our community and cause to make a difference!