Dear Luna Fitness Club members:

We miss you!  Hope this email finds you in good health and spirit.  COVID-19 is impacting all of us socially, financially and even heath wise for some of us. This unprecedented contingency we are experiencing demands patience, commitment, responsibility, and solidarity from all of us to avoid the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, which at the moment has affected over 190 countries worldwide.

First of all, thank you to many of our members who have reached out expressing the desire to continue to support us emotionally and financially. However, for now, we have decided to take the following actions.  Like all of you, as a small business owner, the COVID-19 is creating financial burdens and future uncertainties.  We are all trying to figure out how we can meet our financial commitments. Despite all of the unknowns, financial obligations and uncertainties, Luna Fitness Club have decided to FREEZE your membership for the month of May and beyond, pending government recommendation. No payment will be deducted from your account on April 28th. Like you, we are struggling, but we hope this will ease some financial pressure and stress. You don’t need to cancel or freeze your membership because of financial uncertainties. We will work with you to overcome this challenging time in our history. 

We value your loyalty and commitment, and unlike many other gyms, we consider you as a part of our big family.  We are a small community and we are here to support one another to achieve our fitness goals. Luna Fitness Club is definitely more than just a gym to many of our members.  It brings people together from all culture and ethnic background to form one strong and supportive community. The members truly care and supports one another. Members are constantly telling me that they have been a member to many other fitness clubs before, but they have never witnessed the kind of electric and positive energy that they see every day at Luna.  From our end, we will continue to cultivate and build a strong fitness club community that unite and bond us together for a common purpose.  Together we will overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 virus and continue to be stronger, united and compassionate fitness club.

Stay connected via social media and don’t stop working out. Join Leila and I for a live workouts while we remain closed. In addition to live stream, I am posting videos on YouTube for you to follow at your convenience.  During times like this, exercise plays an important function in our lives. Stay strong, active and connected!  Joao and I and all of the Luna Fitness Club instructors can’t wait to see you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at (857) 928-4445 or email at


Joao & Olga Gomes