I love Lamberts Fitness Center, I’ve been a member for 15 years and I’ve seen the good and the bad times. Early this year Olga, the new owner had brought the gym to it old good times. Great classes and wonderful energy. I love the fact that it’s a women gym only with very flexible hours and good variety of classes.
Veronica Gibaja
Lamberts Fitness Center for woman is a great place to work out. The classes are great with fabulous and energetic instructors who encourages and pushes you to achieve your fitness goal. Members and owners are friendly. It is clean and a safe community. Every day I look forward to go to Lamberts Fitness to have a “me time”.
Ana Santos
I used to be a member at Lamberts Fitness Center 5 years ago, then left when my favorite Group X instructor moved to another gym. Now, my favorite instructor is back as the NEW owner! Since I have been back, there has been a world wind of new and positive changes. New look, new classes, new energy! Lamberts Fitness Center offers a great space for women to not only exercise, but to socialize, feel safe, and be supportive of each other’s fitness goals. I’ve joined other gyms before, but none offered the community feel that I get from LFC. The gym is clean, the instructors are encouraging, and the members are friendly. Coming back to LFC was the best decision I made this year!!
Shamiah Palmer
I highly recommend this all women's gym. Now under new management, the atmosphere is very inviting & comfortable. I live in Randolph but the drive is worth it! Olga, the owner has great energy which really keeps me motivated in her classes. Kickboxing is my favorite! Join today! You'll be glad you did!:)
Paula M. Davis